About us

Western Agri-Radio Networks, Inc® is our corporate title, with d.b.a. status for the California Agri-Radio Network, and the Southwest Agri-Radio Network. We have been up and running since 1979, and feature 16 strong affiliates that cover all the Agricultural areas in California and Western Arizona. Our stations have a 98 percent proof of performance rating, because of the access they have to our high quality WATS program lines as well as high speed internet feeds that offer more than ample feed times. We have the use of from three individual networks, plus a special service offered by the Networks of affiliates and their adjacency slots, before or after our farm programming material for commercial use.

President and Director of the Networks is George G. Gatley and his wife Christine (Chris) is the Secretary and Traffic Director. George produces the radio programs with his staff daily, emphasizing that the farm news features are never more than 24 hours old and that Network News be the first source of up-to-the-minute farm news for listeners. Gatley also produces Farm and Ranch Television Programs, as well as writes several farm articles each month for a bi-monthly farm magazine.

Gatley is a veteran radio broadcaster, having entered the field in 1958, a 25 year voting member of the National Association of Farm Broadcasters, has served twice as Western Region Vice President of NAFB, was appointed as CHATS editor for two consecutive years (1982/83), and was instrumental in helping to establish what is called today, the NFBS Broadcasters Information over the Data Transmission Network which is also published on the NFBS’s website, www.nafb.com.

The Western Agri-Radio Networks® are exclusive Farming News Networks in California and Arizona. There are four daily programs, Monday through Friday, directed at not only farmers and ranchers, but also at the general populace, which the Agricultural Community depends on for support.

According to the latest reports from California County Agricultural Commissioners, California’s cash farm income from over 83,000 agriculture and livestock farms is now at $29.8 Billion dollars. The Arizona Crop and Livestock Reporting service reports the cash farm income for Arizona over $2.3 Billion on approximately 7,669 farms. These two farm and ranch radio networks provide a valuable source of information of World, National and Regional Agricultural related events for farms, ranchers and urbanites.

To reach the Agriculture Community in California and Western Arizona, the Western Agri-Radio Networks® is your answer. The proof of that is in our only statewide survey done by DOANE, in 1991, plus the positive results our advertisers are getting through their repeated use of the California or the Southwest Agri-Radio Network.